Faculty and Staff


Peter N. Howard
Professor of Classics Department Chairman
Initial appointment – 1974

B.A., University of Alabama, 1967
M.A., Florida State University, 1969
Ph.D., Florida State University, 1978

Office: Wright Hall 212C
Telephone: 334-670-3309
Fax: 334-670-3384
Office Email:


James L. Sherry
Associate Professor of French
Coordinator of Modern Languages
Initial appointment – 1976

A.B., Wabash College, 1964
M.A., Yale University, 1989
Ph.D., Yale University, 1990

Office: Wright Hall 212B
Telephone: 334-670-3316
Fax: 334-670-3384


Kenneth R. LaBrant
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Director, University Honors Program
Initial appointment -- 1994

B.A., Florida State University, 1990
M.A., Florida Sate University, 1992
Ph.D., Florida State University, 1996

Office: Wright Hall 212F
Telephone: 334-670-3304
Fax: 334-670-3384


Johanna M. Alberich
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Initial Appintment – 2007

B.A., Auburn University
M.A., Auburn University
Ph.D., University of Alabama

Office: Wright Hall 212E
Telephone: 334-808-6171
Fax: 334-670-3384


Iris Hong Xu
Associate Professor of Chinese
Director, Confucius Institute at Troy
Initial appointment -- 2008

B.A., Harbin Normal University
M.Ed., University of Alberta
Ph.D., University of Alberta

Office: Hawkins Hall 006
Telephone: 334-808-6290


To Be Announced
Lecturer of Spanish

Office: Wright Hall 212E


Tessa Roberson
Department Secretary

R.N., College of the Desert
B.S.N., East Carolina University
B.S., University of Phoenix

Office: Wright Hall 212
Telephone: 334-670-3714


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