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Stephen Cooper, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Chair, Professor of English. Twentieth-Century American Literature, Southern Literature, African-American Literature. The Politics of Ernest Hemingway (UMI, 1987). Essays in Studies in Short Fiction, Contemporary Fiction Writers of the South, South Atlantic Review, and Hemingway's Neglected Short Fiction: New Perspectives (UMI, 1989). Member, Modern Language Association, Society for the Study of Southern Literature, and Western Literature Association.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 274A  |  334-670-3300  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Elaine Bassett, M.S. (Troy State University), Writing Center Director and Adjunct Instructor of English. Composition, Rhetoric, Developmental English. Editorial Assistant, Linguistic Atlas of the Gulf States. Member, National Association for Developmental Education, Alabama Association for Developmental Education, National Writing Centers Association, Southeast Writing Centers Association, National Council of Teachers of English, Alabama Council of Teachers of English, Delta Kappa Gamma.

Office: Eldridge Hall, Room 124  |  334-670-3305  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

James G. Davis, M.F.A. (University of Alabama), Assistant Professor of English.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 248  |  334-670-3287  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

James F. R. Day, Ph.D. (Duke University), Professor of English. Shakespeare, Renaissance Literature, Late Medieval Literature, Chaucer. Essays in Tudor England: An Encyclopedia (Garland, 2001), Sewanee Medieval Studies, Renaissance Papers, and Tudor Political Culture (Cambridge, 1995). Member, The Oxford Society, Phi Beta Kappa.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 258  |  334-670-3308  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Sharon Eller, M.Ed. (Troy University), M.S. (University of Central Arkansas), Lecturer. Composition, World Literature, Teaching English to Students of Other Languages. Presentation at the Alabama Association for Developmental Education state conference. Member, Association of College English Teachers of Alabama, Alabama Association for Developmental Education.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 180  |  334-670-3531  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Albert Glover, Ph.D. (Florida State University), Assistant Professor of English. Early American Literature, World Literature, Literature and Philosophy. Member, Melville Society.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 252  |  334-670-3313  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Natalia Henderson, Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo), Assistant Professor of English.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 186  |  334-670-3535  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Deborah C. Hicks, M.S. (Troy University), Dance Coordinator (Department of Theatre and Dance) and Instructor of English.

Offices: Malone Hall, Room 132, and Smith Hall, Room 253  |  334-808-6142 (Dance) and 334-670-3285 (English)  |  Fax: 334-670-3395 (Dance) and 334-670-3519 (English)

William E. Hicks, M.A. (University of Georgia), Editor, Alabama Literary Review and Associate Professor of English.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 166B  |  334-670-3971  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Catherine Hutcheson, MA (University of Tulsa), TESL (University of Texas, Arlington), English Faculty. English-as-a-Second-Language, Preparatory English, Composition I, Composition II.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 188  |  334-670-3349  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Theresa M. Johnson, M.Ed. (Troy State University), Instructor of English and Teaching English to Students of Other Languages, Director of Developmental English, and English Language Arts Adviser. Editorial Advisory Board Member, Real Writing, by Susan Anker. Presenter at numerous writing workshops. President, Troy University Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. Sponsor, Pi Lambda Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. Charter Member, Mortar Board and Alpha Lambda Delta. Member, Omicron Delta Kappa. Executive Board Member and Diversity Committee Member, Alabama Association for Developmental Education. Member, Association of College English Teachers of Alabama, Alabama Council of Teachers of English, National Council of Teachers of English, and Troy Council of Teachers of English.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 256  |  334-670-3306  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., Ph.D. (Vanderbilt), Professor of English. Comparative Literature, Medieval Literatures, Chaucer Studies, Boethian Studies, European Novel, French Literature, German Literature, Western Civilization, Literature of the Trojan War. The Consolation of Queen Elizabeth I: The Queen?s Translation of Boethius? Consolation of Philosophy (Arizona State, 2009); The History of Troy: The University (ATSP, 2007); co-editor, Global Perspectives on Medieval English, Literature, Language, and Culture (Western Michigan, 2007); co-editor, New Directions in Boethian Studies (Western Michigan, 2007); co-editor, Of Remembraunce the Keye: Medieval Literature and its Impact Through the Ages: Festschrift for Karl Heinz Göller (Lang, 2004); co-editor, Conflict in Southern Writing (ATSP, 2006); co-writer, The Mindes Medicine or the Phisicke of Philosophie: John Bracegirdle Translation of Boethius? De Consolatione Philosophiae (Arizona State, 1999); editor, Creative and Critical Approaches to the Short Story (Mellen, 1997); The Medieval Consolation of Philosophy: An Annotated Bibliography (Garland, 1992). Additional publications in Kindlers Neues Literatur Lexikon and Language in Civilization. Member, New Chaucer Society, Medieval Academy of America, Modern Language Association, International Boethius Society, Fifteenth-Century Symposium, and Mediaevistenverband.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 182  |   334-670-3530  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Elaine T. Knight, M.A. (University of South Alabama), Instructor of English. Basic Writing Skills, English Composition, American and English Literature. Current project, Growing Up in the South (Short Story Collection).

Office: Smith Hall, Room 176  |  334-670-3286  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Priya Menon, Ph.D. (Georgia State University), Associate Professor of English. Colonial and Postcolonial Theory, Contemporary Literary Theory, Feminist Theory, Contemporary Cosmopolitanism, Globalization, Postcolonial Diasporic Literature. Publications in Another Life: Horizons Anglophones (Montpellier: Pulm, 2012), Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies (2013), Language, Literature and Cultural Studies (2011), Revista Atenea (2011), Impressions (2010, Encyclopedia of Alabama (2012), Annotated Bibliography of English Studies (2009-2012), Ingalls Award (2008-2009), Member, Modern Language Association, SAMLA, SALA, British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (2005).

Office: Smith Hall, Room 251  |  334-670-3518  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Theron Montgomery, Ph.D. (University of Southern Mississippi), Professor of English. Contemporary Literature, Creative Writing. Fiction Editor, The Blue Moon Review; Founder, Alabama Literary Review. The Procession and Other Stories (United Kingdom Artists, forthcoming 2005); To Cry Is Not a Sin (Grossmont, 1978). Publications in Southern Writers in the Nineties (1992), Tampa Review, Texas Review, South Carolina Review, Habersham Review, Echoes Magazine, Red Mountain Review, CrossConnect, Blue Moon Review, Alabama Literary Review, The Sniper Review, The Paper, Product, and Three O'Clock at the Pines. Member, Sigma Tau Delta, National Council of Teachers of English, Alabama Council of Teachers of English, Alabama Writers' Forum, American Civil Liberties Union, and Amnesty International.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 242  |  334-670-3382  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Festus Ndeh, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 249  |  334-670-3307  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Richard Scott Nokes, Ph.D. (Wayne State University), Associate Professor of English. Medieval Literature, World Literature, Film/Popular Culture. PEAA Award, Blog that Best Serves the Medieval Community (Unlocked Wordhoard, 2008). PEAA Award, Best Electronic Article on a Medieval Topic (“Valuing Anglo-Saxon-Studies”, 2008). White House Fellow Regional Finalist (2007). Fulbright Seminar, Guatemala (2003). Conflict in Southern Writing (ATSP, 2006), Global Perspectives on Medieval Literature and Culture (MIP, 2007). Publications in Anglo-Saxon England, Old English Newsletter, Medieval English Studies, Carmina Philosophiae, The Heroic Age, Coyote Wild, The JRR Tolkien Encyclopedia, Chaosium Digest, Whatever Remembers Us: An Anthology of Alabama Poetry, Companion to Pre-1600 British Poetry, and Alabama English. Presentations at International Congress on Medieval Studies, Southeastern Medieval Association, Medieval English Studies Association of Korea, Popular Culture Association, Red River International Conference on World Literature, Troy University Mythology Symposium, English Symposium: Celebrating the Western Tradition, Association of College English Teachers of Alabama, Daegu University Humanities Conference, Pusan University of Foreign Studies, National Collegiate Network, Michigan Academy of Science Arts & Letters Conference, Areopagus Lectures (Keynote Speaker, 2008). Popular presentations at InConjunction, Henry F. Schricker Public Library, Dragon*Con. Member, Medieval Academy of America, Medieval English Studies Association of Korea, Modern Language Association, Societas Magica, and Southeastern Medieval Association. Featured in Chivalry Today, Chronicle of Higher Education, Geekerati, Savannah Now.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 246  |  334-670-3303  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Michael Orlofsky, M.F.A. (University of Iowa Writers' Workshop), Director of Creative Writing Program, and Professor of English. Creative Writing, World Literature, Composition. Publications in Postmodern Approaches to the Short Story (Praeger, 2003), The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing (Writer's Digest Books, 2002), Alabama Bound: Contemporary Stories of a State (Livingston, 1995), Writer's Guide to Creativity, WD Guide to Novel Writing, Writer's Digest (frequent contributor), Fiction Writer (frequent contributor), The Basics of Writing and Selling Fiction, Iowa Journal of Literary Studies, Prairie Schooner, Alabama Literary Review, and Pulpsmith. Distinguished Artist, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (1998). President, Association of College English Teachers of Alabama. Current project: Michelangelo in Rome (novel).

Office: Smith Hall, Room 247  |  334-670-3315  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Ben P. Robertson, Ph.D. (University of Tulsa), Associate Professor of English. British Romantic Literature, Trans-Atlantic/Transnational Literature, Cultural Studies, Religion in Literature, Women's Studies. Bibliographer, Keats-Shelley Journal. Folger Fellow (2006, 2005). Editor, The Diaries of Elizabeth Inchbald, 3 volumes (Pickering & Chatto, 2007); General Editor, Themes of Conflict in the Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Literature of the American South: The Proceedings of the 2004 Conflict in Southern Writing Conference (Mellen, 2007) and Conflict in Southern Writing (ATSP, 2006). Publications in Keats-Shelley Journal, The Catholic Church and Unruly Women Writers (Palgrave, 2007), James Joyce Quarterly, South Asian Review, Names: A Journal of Onomastics, South Central Review, South Atlantic Review, Companion to the British Short Story and Short Fiction (Facts on File, 2006), The University of Tulsa Graduate Review, The Learning, Wit, and Wisdom of Shakespeare's Renaissance Women (Mellen, 1997), Alpha Chi Recorder, and The Rectangle; forthcoming in Students' Companion to American Literary Characters, Companion to Twentieth-Century British Poetry, and Keats-Shelley Journal. Contributing Editor, Annotated Bibliography of English Studies. Member, Modern Language Association, North American Society for the Study of Romanticism, Keats-Shelley Association, Byron Society of America, American Name Society, British Association for Romantic Studies, Wordsworth-Coleridge Association, South Central Modern Language Association, South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Current research, Inchbald, Hawthorne and the Romantic Moral Romance: Little Histories and Neutral Territories (Pickering & Chatto, forthcoming 2009).

Office: Smith Hall, Room 184  |  334-670-3672  |  Fax: 334-670-3519
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William Thompson, Ph.D. (University of Virginia), Associate Professor of English. Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Creative Writing, World Literature, Composition. Conflict in Southern Writing (co-editor) (ATSP, 2006). Fashioned Pleasures: 23 Poets Play Bouts-Rimés with Shakespeare's Rhymes (Parallel Press, 2005). Publications in Alabama Literary Review, Antioch Review, Atlanta Review, Blink, Chautauqua Literary Review, Cumberland Poetry Review, Drastic Measures, The Gift of Experience, Iron Horse Literary Review, Meridian, Michigan Quarterly Review, Sequoia, Southern Poetry Review, St. John's Review, Western Humanities Review. Presentations at the West Chester Poetry Conference (West Chester University) and American Poetry in the 1950's Conference (University of Maine). Member, Modern Language Association, The Academy of American Poets, and the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 254  |  334-670-3848  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Patricia Waters, Ph.D. (University of Tennessee), Assistant Professor of English.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 272  |  334-670-3301  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

Katona Weddle, M.A. (Central Missouri State University), Instructor of English. Essays in Publications of the Missouri Philological Association (CMSU Press, 1999 and 2002), Chair Academy Journal (International Chair Academy, 2002). Member, National Council of Teachers of English, Association of College English Teachers of Alabama.

Office: Smith Hall, Room 250  |  334-670-5670  |  Fax: 334-670-3519

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