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Troy University Moving to Canvas

After a very deliberate analysis, Troy University has chosen Instructure Canvas as our new learning management system (LMS).We anticipate initial use of Canvas in some courses in Term 5, 2017, and in all courses for the Term 1, 2017. The new LMS will be available for faculty training and course migration in early March.

The decision to move to Canvas was based on the recommendation of the LMS Review Committee that consisted of faculty from each college, IT, and staff who work closely with the current Blackboard system. The committee spent the last seven months participating in extensive research and review of a number of LMS platforms, testing and evaluating features and functionality within the Canvas sandbox, and discussing the significant changes necessary for a successful migration to a new LMS. Committee members were most impressed with Canvas because of its ease of use, intuitive design, modern interface and enhanced communication tools, which will provide an engaging and meaningful learning experience for students.

Canvas Resources

Proctored Exams

A proctored exam is something you should consider from the moment you receive the faculty availability letter. In this letter, each instructor is asked if they are available to teach and if they will require a proctored exam. Your response to the availability letter will play an important role in helping the TROY Online testing staff coordinate proctored exams for that term. If you are not sure whether or not your course requires a proctored exam, contact the Chair of your department.

Licensed Software

For all Licensed Software with the exception of Camtasia, you are required to navigate to the TROY Online Software Download Form and submit your Faculty ID Number in order to access the software downloads. If you would like Camtasia installed on your computer please submit a helpdesk ticket here.

Respondus is a software tool that is used for creating and managing exams that can be published directly into Canvas. Respondus Inc. has released Respondus 4.0.5. The 4.0.5 patch adds support for the importing of MS Word 2007 (.docx) files, enhanced "Save As" functions (including the new StudyMate Class Server XML format), and other enhancements and fixes.
The Respondus LockDown Browser is a browser that locks down the students testing environment inside of Canvas. After accessing the assessment through the Respondus LockDown Browser the students are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications.
Turnitin is Internet-based plagiarism detection software. Turnitin is used as a deterrent against plagiarism. Turnitin allows the instructor to quickly diagnose plagiarism and deal with it quickly. Turnitin works by comparing submitted work with three primary databases: Commercial pages from books, newspapers, and journals. Papers that were earlier submitted by students through Turnitin. Article from publicly accessible web-sites, such as online encyclopedias.
For educational institutions using iClicker Integrate, students register their remotes within the LMS resulting in fewer errors, and faculty seamlessly sync class rosters and polling data without ever leaving the iGrader application.
Camtasia is software that allows faculty members to add presence to their online courses by way of video presentations. It has the capability to produce video files from screen, voice, Power Point, web cam, or any combination of the above media. Basic and advanced training for Camtasia is offered through Troy Online. you can submit a helpdesk ticket here to request training.