Proficiency Profile

The Proficiency Profile Test is a requirement for graduation.

All undergraduate students attending Troy University are required to take the Proficiency Profile Test prior to their senior year. This is a system-wide requirement, necessary for our SACS accreditation.

The Proficiency Profile Test assesses four core skill areas — critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics. The Proficiency Profile Test is composed by Educational Testing Services of Princeton, NJ and is a nationally normed test used by Troy University to assess our General Studies courses. For more information on the Proficiency Profile Test, go to

Bachelor students are eligible to take the Proficiency Profile Test once 60 credit hours have been obtained. Associate students may take the exam after reaching 48 credit hours.

Procedural changes for the Proficiency Profile Test are being implemented fall semester 2008. Any student earning a bachelor's degree, achieved 70 credits, and has not taken the Proficiency Profile Test will have a registration restriction (hold) placed on their account. The hold will remain until the student registers to take the Proficiency Profile Test. If the student fails to take the exam at the registered time, the hold will be placed back onto the students account and there will be no further academic activity until the requirement has been fulfilled. This requirement will be strictly enforced.

Any student earning an associate's degree will have a hold placed on their account at 48 hours and will be lifted upon completion of taking the exam.

Exemptions from taking the Proficiency Profile Test:

  1. If you were a junior at Troy University, Montgomery campus prior to fall 2007
  2. If you hold a bachelor's degree from any institution

Montgomery Campus Proficiency Profile Testing Schedule

For more information regarding the Proficiency Profile Test, you may visit the Educational Testing Services website located at

All inquiries regarding the Proficiency Profile at Troy University, Montgomery Campus, please contact Richard Brienza at 334-241-9791 or email:

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