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The purpose of the undergraduate program in political science is to provide knowledge and skills necessary to prepare individuals for: (1) entry level leadership positions in government service, public management, or the military; (2) a sufficient level of academic skills necessary to gain entry into and succeed in advanced, graduate study in the field of political science or post-graduate professional education, such as law school; and (3) work in a position in the private sector, such as journalism, communication, and business where knowledge of politics, public policy or governmental relations is of particular importance.

Careers in Political Science

Careers for majors in Political Science are thriving. These include:

  • Law (about 20% of all law students majored in political science)
  • Government and Public Administration (federal, state, and local government agencies actively recruit political science majors)
  • Military Service
  • International Organizations
  • Political Organizations
  • Journalism
  • Multinational Corporations (corporate-governmental affairs is a rapidly growing segment of the private sector)
  • Teaching (at the high school and university level)

Prospective Students Bachelor of Political Science

If you are interested in Troy University's Political Science major or minor, please send your name and mailing address to Bobbi Jo Balthaser, Department Secretary for an information packet.

Contact the Chair of the Department of Political Science, Dr. Steven Taylor, at

Master of Science in International Relations Please contact Dr. Jonathan Harrington

Master of Public Administration Please contact Dr. Samuel Shelton at

Troy University Department of Political Science 331 McCall Hall (MSCX) Troy, AL 36082
Phone: (334) 670-5926



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