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2014 Forensic Science Summer Program is going to prove to be one of the best programs yet!
The program is slated for June 9-13, 2014. 9-5 this time with a shorter day on Friday.
Open to area High schools . Sign up using the portal to be assured to be one of the first 24.
Sponsor-ships for students will be RAFFLED from the first 24 to sign up.

Check out photos from last years event on
Troy University Dothan Campus College of Arts & Sciences Facebook Page

Have you ever wanted to be part of CSI? Now you can!

Troy University College of Arts and Sciences in conjunction with the Dothan Police Department and the Houston County Sheriff’s Office will sponsor the second annual Troy University Forensic Science Summer Program on the Dothan Campus. This program is open to all Houston County and Dothan City high school students.

This year's theme is Bugs and Drugs.

The program will feature five days of crime scene investigation, based upon the field of entomology. We will learn about the life cycle of the common house fly and how these creatures can help determine the way in which the person died, how long the person was dead, as well as if he had any trace of illegal drugs in his system. Illegal or abused drugs, although hazardous, are becoming more mainstream in the American Public. We will be using toxicology to determine the differences of drugs that are prevalent in today’s society.

Students must be aware that they will be working with bugs and cannot be skittish in holding them or collecting them. Flies are a great help to forensics biologists and chemists to determine the when and how of the victim’s death.

Sonja B. Thomas, PhD Our feature expert this year is:
Sonja B. Thomas, PhD
Administrator III, Outreach Programs
CES Administration
Recognized as the “Top Bug Expert in the State”!

Last Updated: 11/10/2014

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