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Ms. Marna Barnett

Ms. Marna Barnett, Lecturer

I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Troy University, and 31 years of teaching experience at the high school level. I teach CHM I and Lab for Troy University. I love teaching which is why I do what I do. My interests in chemistry lean toward the medical field. The relationships of chemical elements and compounds that determine how the body reacts to its environment including toxic substances and diseases interest me most. In addition, I search for methods to present materials to students in a manner in which they are able to understand chemistry concepts more easily and be successful in the classes that I instruct.

Phone: ext.5931
Office: 303 MSCX



Dr. Suzanne Farver Lukjan

Dr. Suzanne Farver Lukjan, Lecturer, Chemistry

Suzanne Farver Lukjan received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Florida in 2011. Dr. Suzanne Farver Lukjan joined the faculty at Troy University in 2013. Her research interests include membrane protein structure, lipid dynamics, and applying biophysical techniques, such as NMR, to study complex lipid membrane systems. She currently teaches general chemistry I (lecture\ lab) and Biochemistry (lecture\ lab).

Phone: (334) 808-6276
Office: 215 MSCX



Dr. Gloria Pimienta

Dr. Gloria Pimienta, Lecturer Chemistry

I teach General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry lectures and labs. I enjoy being able to share my and fascination with Chemistry to students.

Phone: (334)-808-6277
Office: 215 McCall



Dr. Chris King

Dr. Chris King, Associate Professor of Chemistry

My research interests are educational computer software, improving the teaching and understanding of thermodynamics, and advancing higher education by collaborating on creating learning resources.

Phone: (334) 670-3576
Office: 312 H MSCX



 Dr. Habib ur Rehman

 Dr. Habib ur Rehman, Lecturer, Chemistry

Dr. Habib ur Rehman obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Mississippi State University in 2014. Dr. Rehman is a computational chemist and uses theoretical and computational approaches to explore structure, function, and dynamics of large biomolecules. His teaching interests are in the areas of Physical/Biophysical Chemistry. Currently he is teaching General Chemistry 1 and Physical Science courses with their associated labs.

Phone: (334) 808-5796
Office: 215 MSCX



Dr. Shaoyang Liu

Dr. Shaoyang Liu, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

I earned my B.S. in Applied Chemistry and my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry both from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). After graduation, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher and later as a Research Fellow at Auburn University for 5 years. Then, I joined the faculty at Troy University in 2012. I current teach Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Chemistry, and General Chemistry. I'm also active in research. I have conducted a wide range of research in areas of analytical chemistry, food chemistry, and environmental science, and published more than thirty scientific papers.

Phone: 334-808-6556
Office: 312 C MSCX



Dr. Ian Pimienta

Dr. Ian Pimienta, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

I received my PhD in Chemistry from Michigan State University. My research is in the field of computational/theoretical chemistry. My current research projects include (1) molecular modeling and simulation of mineral-kerogen interaction in oil shales; (2) ab initio studies of ionic liquids for high-energy applications; (3) molecular modeling of analyte adsorption onto conductive stationary surfaces; and (4) coupled-cluster calculations for high-accuracy applications. I welcome students who are motivated and dedicated to do research.

Phone: (334) 670-3577
Office: 312 E MSCX



Dr. Zhiyong Wang

Dr. Zhiyong Wang, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

His current research interest is in using Organic Chemistry as a tool to explore two areas: 1) The rational construction of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for clean energy-related applications including methane storage, hydrogen storage, and carbon dioxide capture; 2) The genetic incorporation of unnatural amino acids into proteins and labeling of proteins with small molecule probes.

Phone: (334) 670-3573
Office: 312F McCall Hall (MSCX)




Dr. David Arrington

Dr. David Arrington, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

I am a physical chemist with a background in surface science and
electrochemistry. I am also interested in chemical education.

Phone: 334-983-6556, ext. 376
Office: Malone 225 (Dothan Campus)



Dr. Rodney Beaver

Dr. Rodney Beaver, Professor of Chemistry

I am an organic chemist with a particular interest in analytical chromatography and spectroscopy.

Phone: (334) 983 6556 Ext. 262
Office: Malone 208D (Dothan Campus)


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